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A Beginners Guide On Starting A Welding Career

Posted on March-03-2017

If you’re looking to start a successful welding career then providing you have the right skills and required certificates, the industry can be very rewarding. The employees within the industry are often changing and many more young people are heading into the welding industry. With such a well-sought after practical skill, embarking on a welding career could take you anywhere in the world. The world will always need welders, after all.

What’s Involved

Welding can be seen as a form of art, manipulating huge pieces of material and creating impressive sculptures. If you’ve not already studied welding in any form then it’s important to know what the work involves:

Inspecting and cutting metal materials in various sizes and shapes
Using drawings and mathematics to measure materials
Using spot-welding machinery to join materials together
Following instructions from senior welders

Welders are often found in the engineering industries, warehouses, independent welding businesses, transport and many others.


Starting a career in welding requires you to have a certain level of knowledge and skill within the industry. Most companies will be looking for basic skill sets such as:

Concentrating for long periods of time
Experienced maths and measuring skills
Handling technical plans
Handling dangerous equipment
Usage of health & safety regulations
Basic science knowledge regarding metals

Once you have qualifications, getting the work experience can be tough. Many businesses now offer trainee apprenticeships where they will let you work for them for a limited time. Experience is key as a welding career requires a very specific set of skills. Once you’ve completed an apprenticeship, many businesses will then offer you a full-time position.

However, if you are not offered a full-time position then you can start applying for junior welding positions and work your way up within the business.

If you’re thinking of starting your welding career and are thinking of hiring welding equipment to gain experience then contact Arc Welding Services today. You can call us on 0121 327 2249 or complete our contact form; our highly-trained and friendly staff will be able to give advice, guidance and arrange an appointment for you.

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