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A Closer Look at Some of Our Welding Equipment

Posted on August-08-2018

A Closer Look at Some of Our Welding Equipment

Here at Arc Welding Services Ltd, we’ve got a great range of welding equipment available for hire. In our latest blog post, we’re taking a closer look at some of that equipment, with a view to explaining what it does and why it’s so useful in the world of arc welding.

Compact MIG welding

Gas metal arc welding (more commonly referred to as MIG) are perfect for anyone prioritising the aesthetics of their work. The reduced spatter levels generated by this machine make it that bit easier to keep things tidy. MIG welding also allows you to weld a greater number of different materials, including much thinner pieces of metal.

Industrial MIG Welding

Industrial MIG welding is, well, MIG welding on a larger scale. This type of weld is able to incorporate machinery into the process, freeing up a great many opportunities to develop pieces on a larger scale.

For example, industrial MIG welding is often used by the military, energy companies, and in the world of avionics.

TIG Welding

Tungsten Insert Gas Welding (otherwise known as TIG) was developed as a solution to the need to weld magnesium. Metals are fused by way of an electrical arc weld, and the process is a flexible one. It allows any welding position to be used and can be conducted in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes.

Interested in enquiring?

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