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Advantages and Disadvantages of Arc Welding

Posted on February-02-2022

As our name suggests, here at Arc Welding Services Ltd, we specialise in selling arc welding products and tools. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to help get you started on your next welding project.

One key question we often get asked is, ‘what is arc welding?’ and ‘what are advantages and disadvantages of arc welding?’ Let’s explore the latter question in more depth below.


What are advantages and disadvantages of arc welding?

For those that aren’t aware, arc welding is the process of joining metal using electricity. The most common uses of arc welding include using the process for heavy equipment repair, steel erection, pipeline welding and for many other construction projects.


Advantages of arc welding

Take a look at the main advantages of arc welding, especially when compared to other welding processes currently used across the industry.

  • Affordable cost for equipment and doesn’t need much due to the lack of gas
  • Portability; very easy to transport
  • Versatile and works well on metal that’s dirty
  • Shielding gas not necessary, meaning the process can be completed in all types of weather (including wind or rain)


Disadvantages of arc welding

Now let’s take a closer look at the disadvantages of arc welding, and why some welders may look towards other options instead of the process for their project.

  • Low efficiency as more waste is produced compared to other types
  • Requires high skill level and training from the operators, meaning that this cannot be carried out by everyone
  • Tough to us on thin materials


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