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An Introduction to the Arc Weld

Posted on December-12-2017

An Introduction to the Arc Weld


Arc weld

The arc weld is an integral aspect of construction and one of the most common welding processes used today, but what exactly is an arc weld? Well, since Arc Welding Services have a wealth of industry knowledge, we have put together this blog to run you through some of the defining characteristics of this weld, along with the basic process and other key features.

Basic Process

In essence, an arc weld is one of several fusion processes for joining metals. The idea is to apply intense heat to melt the metals intended to form the joint. Most commonly, an intermediate filler metal is utilised in an arc weld to encourage the strength of the joint and fill the space itself. The process itself is the intermixture of compatible metals in order to connect two or more pieces.

The importance of an arc weld being a ‘fusion’ weld means the final joint retains the original strength of the metals that have been joined. This differs when discussing ‘non-fusion’ welds, as the original strength of the metals cannot be achieved here.


The defining characteristic of an arc weld is that the heat produced to melt the two metals comes from an electric arc. This arc is formed between the two metals with an electrode, which can be a stick, wire or rod, that is guided along the joint.

This electrode can be either a rod that simply carries the current, or it can also melt the metals and supply the filler, with the latter being the most commonly used electrode in steel manufacturing.

The Importance of the Arc Weld

Since the term ‘arc welding’ falls in line with a variety of specific welding procedures like MIG and ‘stick’ welding, the arc weld is actually one of the most integral for infrastructure and manufacturing, which is where the importance stems from. Therefore, to have a basic understanding of the process and the defining characteristics is a great place to start.

This blog post, however, is just a simple overview of the process and doesn’t enter the realm of complexities welding offers; we have yet to mention the influence of direct or alternating currents, or the metals arc welding is used for, so there is plenty more to learn.

Arc Welding Services

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