Understanding Welding Alloys

  If you’re reading this blog post, it’s fair to assume that you understand the basics of welding, but for those who don’t: welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal together by melting them at the intended joining point. A filler metal – or welding alloy – is utilised to blend with… Continue reading Understanding Welding Alloys

The Four Main Welding Positions

Welding is applied in a variety of different ways, all of which can require the adoption of a different position to carry out. Not every welding project is the same, so it’s important to ensure the right weld is used each time. Here at Arc Welding Services, we decided to run you through the main… Continue reading The Four Main Welding Positions

The PPE Required for the Welding Process

    Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is imperative in an industry such as welding, which presents incessant danger from the welding process that includes heat, radiation and ricochet. Here at Arc Welding Services, we understand the importance of health and safety, so we thought it best to kick off our “Health & Safety” series… Continue reading The PPE Required for the Welding Process

The Importance of Welding Equipment Repairs

                Repairs and maintenance can be frustrating when working in any sector, and welding equipment repairs are no different. However, no matter how much of an inconvenience, these procedures are vital to maintaining the safety and performance of your equipment. Since we’re big fans of welding here at… Continue reading The Importance of Welding Equipment Repairs

What is Welding?

What is Welding It’s funny, we’ve covered everything from underwater welding to outer-space welding, yet haven’t delved into the basics of the art itself. Speaking of art, we also discussed some of the most prominent welding artists in contemporary culture. However, this blog post details the basics of the industry on which this company, Arc… Continue reading What is Welding?

Welding In Space: An Insight Into Cold Welding

Welding In Space: An Insight Into Cold Welding Let’s start with a simple science lesson: because there is no oxygen in space, creating sparks and lighting a fire is extremely difficult. Now for welding, sparks and fire are pretty essential. So what happens when repairs are needed 60-odd miles up in the air? This was… Continue reading Welding In Space: An Insight Into Cold Welding

The Basic Welding Equipment You Need

If you’re looking to start any welding projects, it’s imperative that you have the necessary welding equipment to begin your work. As leading welding experts in Birmingham, we know exactly all the equipment you’ll need to get your project completed. Welding can be seen as an intimidating job, using tools that will literally fuse two… Continue reading The Basic Welding Equipment You Need

What Is Underwater Welding?

What is Underwater Welding? Underwater welding is a welding job that speaks for itself – welding underwater. It can also be known as hyperbaric welding, which defines the process of welding at elevated pressures. It is usually carried out wet and underwater or dry in enclosed positive pressure environments. Normally, steel is used for this… Continue reading What Is Underwater Welding?

Top Welding Art And How To Make Your Own

Top Welding Art and How To Make Your Own Welding these days isn’t just used by labourers in the industry; many people are trying their hand at creating welding art and are looking to take their skills to the next level. Welding is, put simply, just a form of creation – reshaping and forming pieces… Continue reading Top Welding Art And How To Make Your Own

The History of Welding

The History of Welding Welding is the process of creating a joint by fusing two pieces of metal structures together with a third piece of material. Usually, this process is carried out by heating the metal with a flame, an electric charge, or a laser light to melt or fuse the materials together. The history… Continue reading The History of Welding

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