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The Basic Welding Equipment You Need

Posted on April-04-2017

If you’re looking to start any welding projects, it’s imperative that you have the necessary welding equipment to begin your work. As leading welding experts in Birmingham, we know exactly all the equipment you’ll need to get your project completed. Welding can be seen as an intimidating job, using tools that will literally fuse two pieces of metal together, and we can see why it would be. It’s a dangerous job, but with the right equipment, you’ll become a pro in no time and you’ll be able to take on any project.

Basic Welding Equipment

We’ve listed the necessary welding equipment you’ll need:

1. Auto-darkening helmet. Safety is not optional. A welding helmet is the first thing you’ll need. Try to find a helmet with auto-darkening properties and one that has been approved for use. These are great for seeing your work in full clarity through the bright sparks.
2. Welding magnets. These are a great little tool for holding your work pieces in place, allowing you to weld in different shapes and sizes. Make sure you buy enough to keep your work together!
3. Speed square. This is a necessity when it comes to measuring your work and squaring off angles to be cut. It’ll help you save a lot of time and effort!
4. Sheet metal gauge. All welders shown own this necessary piece of welding equipment, it’s a handy tool for measuring how thick your metal is. Most welders will have a chart with what setting you need to weld on depending on the thickness of the metal.
5. Metal file. After cutting a piece of metal you’ll have metal burrs and rough areas on the end, so a file is great for smoothing all your edges off.
6. Welding clamp. This is a must-have for all welders. You’ll find yourself working with very heavy pieces of metal, so it’s really important you can clamp your work down to keep it secure and to prevent injury.



There’s obviously the usual safety equipment you need for all projects including goggles, gloves and overalls. Don’t forget to read our protection against welding safety hazards blog for all the safety equipment you’ll need for your project. You can purchase all your necessary welding equipment at Arc Welding Services by visiting us in store, calling us on 0121 327 2249 or by filling out our contact form.

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