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Beginner’s Welding Tips & Tricks

Posted on August-08-2021

As with any skill, hands-on training and experience is an important part of learning, especially when it comes to mastering the art of how to weld. 

If you’re looking for ways that you can improve your welding skills and practice some different techniques, why not take a read of our hints and tips.


4 tips for improving your welding skills

  • Creating a puddle

One of the first techniques to master when it comes to welding is creating a puddle and using this to melt the filler material. You can practice leading the puddle, this involves waiting in one place for a prolonged period and then starting to burn a hole through the base metal.

The speed at which you travel, as well as the distance that you maintain between the welding rod and the base, are crucial. If the two items are too close together, then they will stick whereas if they are too far apart then it will disconnect or splatter the arc.

  • Your tools are key

As any tradesperson will say (or remind you!), your tools are your livelihood. When you look after a good set of tools, they will look after you, I think the saying goes.

For TIG welders especially, looking after your tools means storing filler rods in a humidity-controlled environment. Why? This is because TIG welding needs a clean rod and clean surface material so that a strong weld can be created.

Another idea for proper filler rod storage is using different coloured caps; this will allow you to easily identify which pipe contains which type of rod.

  • Master the right travel speed

Arc welding to an expert level requires the right travel speed; too fast or too small can result in very different consequences. 

If you weld too fast then this may cause a disfigured shape. Whilst welding too slowly creates a build-up of too much material in the puddle, giving the appearance of it sitting on the surface of the base metal.

The desired outcome is utilising the correct speed as this will keep the arc at a linear rate and moving along the workpiece.

  • Consider ergonomic solutions

Welding is a physical job. It requires great precision, knowledge and focus. But, it can also lead to long-term injury if the welder’s body is not correctly positioned.

As the job requires you to stay in a fixed position for long periods of time, it’s important to find a position that is comfortable. To find stability and comfort, it may be beneficial to use lifts or tables, with areas to easily store your tools and gain access to them.

One of the main causes of injury is tensing up, inevitably leading to muscle strain. To counter this, stay relaxed and reward yourself with regular breaks to stretch your muscles. 


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