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What is Butt Welding?

Posted on April-04-2020

What is a butt weld?

A butt weld is a commonly used welding technique that can be automated or done by hand on steel pieces by a welder. This technique can also be done with brazing copper pieces. Now, you may be thinking, what is a butt welding used for? Well, it is used to attach two pieces of metal together such as pipe, framework in factories and also flanges.


A flange is placed either inside or outside of a piece of material in order to strengthen it.

In Factories

Butt welding is often used in a factory when they are building things out of metal. When they want to make something out of metal without welding, it is more costly to bend everything and reinforce the structure. It is far more economical to weld two pieces together.

How do you butt weld?

Butt welding is achieved by heating up two pieces of metal, applying pressure or through doing both. This type of welding is best performed with MIG and TIG welding applications – due to their natural ability to connect two pieces of metal together. Often buttwelds are used in commercial welding. When this is done, it also reduces cost. However, in order to maintain the strength of the double weld, butt welds will need to be used. 

In butt welding, there are two types used to achieve specific welds and then there are a variety of butt joints to be considered too.


What are the different types of butt weld?

Flash butt welding

When you want to connect multiple pieces of metal together in machinery, particularly pieces that are mismatched in shape and size, you can use a flash butt weld. Oftentimes, the different sizings of metals being welded together can cause breaks in the welding process. To combat this, a high voltage current is applied, which helps connect the metal pieces together. This applies the pieces to the components and the joining together is known as ‘flashing’.


Resistance butt welding

The resistance weld joins two pieces of metal together through the application of heat. Heat comes from the pressure put onto the metals being held together at a preset force. This type of weld is used on joints that are of a similar shape and size. The resistance butt weld is often performed in one movement, unlike flash welding.


What are the different types of butt welding joints?

Butt welds are put together end to end and connected to each other with the thickness of the parent metal. There are several types of butt weld, including square, single v, double v, single bevel, double bevel, single u, double u, single j, and double j.


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