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How to Store Welding Equipment

Posted on March-03-2018

How to Store Welding Equipment

It is absolutely essential to store welding equipment properly, both from a safety perspective and to ensure the lifespan of your tools isn’t shortened. Here, Arc Welding Services take a look at a few measures you can put in place to ensure your equipment is stored properly, preventing it from becoming damaged or dangerous. Ignoring proper storage of your equipment can easily damage your rods, causing them to become inaccurate and making potentially hazardous errors more likely.

Your Rods

Ensuring that all of your welding rods are stored upright should help preserve them. Allowing them to lay flat when you put them away can damage the material, making them both less effective and more likely to let you down when you come to use them. Should they continually come into contact with each other, or a hard surface, bumps and dents can appear, harming the equipment’s overall effectiveness?

Separate the different types, keep them dry, and ensure you handle them with care. As for keeping them away, keep them stored in a clearly labelled cupboard or container, and keep that storage area locked.


Cables need to be stored in a designated area, away from anything that could potentially damage them. Don’t wind them too tightly, and don’t leave them loose in a vulnerable area. In both instances, they chances of them being damaged is significantly increased.

If there any electric cables involved in your welding process, it is essential that you check them before you start. Any fraying or damage needs to be picked up on straight away, to prevent potential accidents. If there is any damage, it’s strongly advisable that you replace the cable as soon as possible, and that you do not continue with the faulty piece of equipment.


When it comes to storing welding tanks, you need to avoid leakages. Ensure your tank isn’t going to be knocked inadvertently; doing so can be the difference between having a serious accident and not. The potential ramifications of not protecting your welding tanks could be severe, as gas leakages can ultimately lead to explosions. Check your valves as well – they need to be completely shut before you put them away.

Arc Welding Services

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