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MIG Welding

Posted on April-04-2022

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) is also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW). This method of welding is simple in comparison to others methods, which explains why it is often the selected method by beginners. This method is an arc welding process that joins two metals with the help of an arc. The arc is created between the surface and a continuously fed filler electrode. This process became popular in the UK from around 1952.

How does it work?

Using lots of electricity, an electrical arc is formed between the metal that is being welded and an electrode wire. The arc melts the wire, creating a new weld as it is deposited. A new piece of fused metal is formed once the heat is removed as the weld pool cools and solidifies.

This method of welding can be used to weld almost any metal, which is one of the major reasons as to why it is so common. The most common metals that are welded by this method include carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


Easy to learn– several processes are automated, which makes this method easy to learn and great for beginners.

Cleaner– This method does not use flux, or create extensive, messy weld spatter and slag which makes it much easier to clean up than other methods.

Fast– MIG reduces the amount of stopping and starting due to the continuously-fed electrode wire.

The Disadvantages

Cost– Compared to traditional stick welding, MIG does need more initial investment.

Limitations– This method of welding can only be used to weld thin to medium-thick metals (typically between 0.6mm and 14mm)

Portability– The wire welder is not a very portable machine due to it requiring gas and roll wire. The machine can also be very heavy, which means it can be awkward to carry around.

Loss of Gas– This method requires shielding gas to protect the weld. So depending on the environment of the weld, the gas may be pushed away from the weld, e.g. the wind when working outside.

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