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Protection Against Welding Safety Hazards

Posted on March-03-2017

Protection Against Welding Safety Hazards

Whenever you begin a new project your immediate consideration should be health and safety. Industrial work is hazardous, therefore it is imperative that you are aware of the risks around you and understand how to take the proper precautions to avoid injury.

Arc Welding Services Ltd have highlighted below some of the welding safety hazards you may encounter at work and how you can effectively protect yourself from harm:

Electric Shock

Working with faulty equipment or handling live electrical circuits with exposed skin can lead to a fatal electric shock. You can guard against high voltages by wearing rubber safety boots and gloves that keep you dry and insulated, particularly in humid or wet environments. Check the condition of electrode holders for any signs of damage and report this to a technician to be fixed or replaced. All clothing should be fireproof and fully buttoned with trouser legs covering boots and sleeves rolled down to block any sparks or metal particles.


An injury is known as ‘arc eye’ or ‘arc flash’ is one of the most common welding safety hazards experienced by workers. Burning the outer layer of the eye, arc flash is a result of UV radiation emitted by the arc and causes symptoms such as stinging, light sensitivity and redness. By wearing a helmet with an auto-darkening screen or using safety glasses, you can avoid the crippling effects of radiation without hindering productivity.


Fumes are produced during the welding process and can have different effects on the body depending on the metal with which you are working. Some of the health effects include difficulty breathing, sickness and fluid in the lung with more serious long-term impacts such as cancer and lung disease. Ensure you have as much natural or mechanical ventilation around you as possible which will help to circulate clean, fresh air. You can also wear specially designed respirator masks as an added measure against poisonous fumes.

By no means the only welding safety hazards present in the workplace, we recommend fully researching all the risks and corresponding precautions available to ensure a safe working environment.

Here at Arc Welding Solutions Ltd, our fully qualified team have over 35 years experience in the welding industry. For help and information on repairing your faulty equipment, just call us on 0121 327 2249 or complete our online form.

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