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The Benefits of Apprenticeships in Welding

Posted on February-02-2018

The benefits of apprenticeships in welding are well known by employers that work in the industry, but perhaps not so clear for those evaluating their options for post-16 education. What is clear, though, is that an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to kickstart a career in welding.

Here at Arc Welding Services, we have a wealth of industry knowledge and understand the importance of apprenticeships in welding completely. We have compiled some background – as well as some of the key benefits – of welding apprenticeships below.


An apprentice is a training-level employee who works in a practical environment for most of the week, but also attends a learning facility (usually one day per week) to supplement their practical learning with a theoretical qualification.

Generally speaking, the wages of an apprentice increase throughout the tenure of their apprenticeship, which can last from anywhere between one and five years. To qualify for an apprenticeship, applicants will usually be required to show a C at GCSE in both English and mathematics.

Main Benefits

If we were to walk you through all of the benefits of apprenticeships in welding, we might be here all day. Consequently, we have put together a few of the key ideas that might sway your decision to pursue this path as your post-16 education.

Practical and theoretical knowledge: The theory from studying and the practice from employment are going to supplement each other in order to create a far-reaching knowledge of the many facets of welding, including safety, best practices, and the industry as a whole.

Career advancement: Starting your working career as an apprentice is a fantastic way to quickly advance in an industry. You will gain the practical knowledge that shows employers you can succeed in a professional environment, as well as the fact that you have the theoretical knowledge that shows you can make informed decisions.

Confidence: The transition from formal education to a working environment can be daunting and difficult to navigate, especially in a skilled working-environment. As an apprentice, you are offered time to settle in the working world and will grow in confidence thanks to having hands-on training complement your learning in the classroom.

Over to You

Ultimately, it’s down to you to evaluate the benefits of apprenticeships in welding against the other options you have after you finish your GCSEs. With the benefits and potential displayed in this blog post, though, a strong case has been made for choosing an apprenticeship.

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