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The History of Welding

Posted on March-03-2017

The History of Welding

Welding is the process of creating a joint by fusing two pieces of metal structures together with a third piece of material. Usually, this process is carried out by heating the metal with a flame, an electric charge, or a laser light to melt or fuse the materials together.

The history of welding currently dates back to the Bronze Age with the first discovered example of welding, when a number of carefully crafted golden boxes were found. Egyptians were also believed to have crafted their own iron tools using welding practices. Throughout the Middle Ages, Blacksmiths became more common and were designated with creating specialised iron tools by hammering and welding various metal materials. Since then, this method of welding continued throughout the 19th century and has developed into the methods we use today.


The 1800s were an important era for the history of welding as a number of major milestones were made. The use of flames became widely popular as it allowed for neater and more intricate welding practices, using smaller tools and materials. In 1800, inventor Sir Humphrey Davy designed and created a battery-operated tool using the conduction of carbon electrodes to produce an arc. Due to the success and popularity of this, the tool was widely used by the industries for welding purposes. During the 1890s, carbon arc welding became the more popular form of welding with this slowly developing into electrode arc welding due to recently secured patents.


In 1900, Strohmenger first introduced the use of a coated metal electrode. A coating of lime over the weld supported the arc, making it much more stable and durable. Another popular form of welding around this time was the use of stick electrodes. The American Welding Society was established after World War I with the intention to drive the development of welding practices. Major advancements occurred for the history of welding from the 1920s including automatic welding which integrated arc voltage and electrode wires, stud welding, smothered arc welding and gas shielded metal arc welding.

To date, laser arc welding is one of the most advanced methods of welding and is now hugely popular within industries due to its precision and accuracy.

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