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Uses of Welding in Everyday Life: a Brief Overview

Posted on May-05-2018

Uses of Welding in Everyday Life: a Brief Overview

There are a huge number of services and products that rely on welding, in one form or another. Unless you live a particularly sheltered life, you’re probably coming into contact with these all the time.

From public transport to theme park rides, welding is a vital process used in a variety of ways, for a variety of different results.


It’s a very broad point, so that’s why it makes sense to start out with it. Welding, in its many different forms, is commonly used in infrastructure in a whole host of ways. Bridges are one of the easiest examples to point to from this category, as the structures are often held together by welded metal pieces.

Public transport

Public transport is another broad term, so we’ll go more specific this time and talk about trains. While the trains themselves are often made of metals, and welding is used sporadically for their construction, it is actually the tracks that generally make the most of the process. Exothermic welding is used, due to its low corrosive properties and its great mechanical strength.

Theme parks

Love the thrill of hurtling along a narrow track, upside down, while everyone around you screams with terror? If rollercoasters are your thing, then there’s a welder or two out there you’ve got to thank. The various metal bars and general structure of rides, which prevents them from toppling over or falling apart, are almost always welded together.


Finally, a nice and easy one that probably applies to most people out of any of our previous paragraphs: cars. In fact, pretty much any motor vehicle finds a way of putting welding to good us. Whether it’s Formula 1 that takes your fancy, or you see cars purely as a functional item that gets you from A to B, welding is used at a number of different stages in a car’s production.

Arc Welding Services Ltd

As you can see from the number of paragraphs in this blog post, welding is both incredibly useful and widespread in our daily lives. Whether or not you’re interested in Formula 1, you’ve probably been over a bridge, used a train, or drive yourself to work before.

Welding is an integral part of so many people’s lives, without them even realising it. Here at Arc Welding Services Ltd, we’ve dealt with a number of different clients over the past 35 years. To find out more about our services, get in touch!

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