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What is Seam Welding and How Does It Work?

Posted on July-07-2019

seam welding

What is Seam Welding and How Does It Work?

Within the welding industry, there are many techniques and processes that come to mind. Specifically talking about ‘seam welding’, we will explore the technique that is used and what the advantages and disadvantages of using this process are. Seam Welding is a different technique used to weld two metals together – whether they are the same or dissimilar. They are connected by supplying an electric current where a nugget is formed (the term nugget refers to the pools of molten metal formed). Seam welding is also referred to a type of resistance welding and is a popular process that is commonly used.

Advantages of Seam Welding

-Seam welding is classically known for building a clear weld, it is one of the only processes that does not cause gas formation or emit any fumes whatsoever.

-There is no requirement of the filler equipment used for this process in welding (as there is with other methods).

-Seam welding can be automated, so there is no need for additional labour in this process.

-This welding process produces the parallel seam weld and the single seam weld at the same time.

-With the help of spot welding, you can form the gas-tight as well as liquid-tight joints

Disadvantages of Seam Welding

-This type of welding process is difficult to carry out for sheets of metal that are thicker than 3mm, therefore it’s suggested that you work with sheets smaller than 3mm.

-The machinery that is used for this welding process is expensive. Due to the excessive equipment, it can only be used in small sessions.

-It is a requirement that someone professional or highly skilled within this trade carries this particular process out, who can manage the speed of the roller as per the situations.

This particular method of welding has a number of different applications. It has a variety of advantages and disadvantages, too, but is a pretty superior form of welding in comparison to other techniques.


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