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What Skills Do All Welders Need?

Posted on September-09-2018

What Skills Do All Welders Need?

Welding is, as we’ve explained in one of our previous blog posts, used all over the place in everyday life. How though, can you get into the industry?

In our latest blog, we examine the skills you need if you’re going to become a welder. For questions about our services, please either call us on 0121 327 2249, or fill out one of our online contact forms.

Technical knowledge

If you’re going to work in welding, you need technical knowledge. What we mean by that is that you’ll need to understand the concepts of welding before you’re able to try your hand at it. Theory is essential in pretty much every field you could think of working in – to do something, you need to know how to do it, after all.


Ah, experience. Probably the most annoying thing you’ll ever see on a “required skills” list, but it’s normally on there for a reason. In terms of quantifying this, it’s mostly just a case of getting your foot in the door somewhere. Some welding companies will offer internships, while you can also take courses at universities or other educational institutions that will also provide you with some invaluable exposure. You’ll need to emphasise this on any applications you submit within this industry – few employers will consider someone who doesn’t have a reasonable amount of experience to call upon.


The final aspect of the industry on our list is a very practical one. As well as knowing how to perform a safe, effective weld, and in addition to building a base of experience before you dive in, you’re going to need to be able to interpret instructions. Specifically, the ability to read and make sense of various blueprints and diagrams is essential. Some of that will come down to experience and some down to your technical knowledge. We’ve given it its own paragraph though, as it’s one of the most important aspects of the job.

Closing thoughts

Unsurprisingly, there’s more to welding than reading the above points and buying yourself some equipment. As a basic introduction into some of the skills you might need, though, it’s an excellent place to start.

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