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Why Rent Welding Equipment?

Posted on March-03-2023

The cost of everything is going up – how many times in the past few months have you heard this? It is a harsh reality that at the moment, money is tight for a lot of us. In the professional world, production costs are increasing and manufacturers are always trying to find ways of lowering operational costs. An effective way of doing this is through renting equipment, either on a short term basis or long term.

There are many benefits to renting or hiring welding equipment, such as being in control of cost and it being a fast way to increase the speed of production through using high quality welding equipment. Here are some of the other benefits as to why you should look into renting/hiring welding equipment:

Speedy Repairs

Imagine you are half-way through a project and suddenly there is a fault with your equipment. This could put an unexpected stop in the project’s progress which is likely to add cost to the overall project. However, when hiring welding equipment, in the unlikely event that there is a fault with the equipment, the supplier will simply arrange a priority delivery of new equipment. This means the downtime of the project is minimised and you can crack on with the job!

Range of Jobs

When working with a welding equipment supplier, you will learn what type of equipment they have available. If you come across a job that requires a particular type of welding equipment you don’t have yourself, being able to quickly hire the equipment from the supplier will mean no job off the cards! With welding equipment for hire, there is no barrier for jobs that you can take on.

Never Miss a Deadline

Have a short deadline coming up and don’t have the capacity for it? Hiring welding equipment is an efficient way in ensuring that you meet that deadline. More equipment will increase your productivity and your output, so no need to stress over that upcoming deadline.


Hiring welding equipment has never been easier! Most suppliers will pick up the equipment when you are finished with it, saving you the hassle of trying to sell your used equipment to save costs. It also allows you to only carry the equipment that you use consistently, saving you time and space on site.

No Large Upfront Cost

Hiring welding equipment will save you the large upfront cost of purchasing equipment. If you choose to hire welding equipment, you avoid that initial investment on just one piece of equipment. Welding equipment can be very expensive and you may not have the funds to be able to buy equipment, especially for equipment that you may not necessarily need all the time. It also means that when the equipment isn’t being used, you aren’t paying for it. Hiring equipment means you only pay for equipment when you actually use it!

Low Risk

Hiring welding equipment means that as a customer, you are not required to ensure that the machinery complies with health and safety regulations. It is the suppliers responsibility to ensure that they are providing their customers with equipment that has up-to-date inspections and a service logbook. So not only does it mean it is low risk for you as a customer, but it also means that you do not have any further costs other than the hire fee.

Reputable welding equipment hire companies should maintain their equipment and provide service documentation for every single piece of equipment.

New Equipment

Many suppliers of welding equipment will have access to the latest equipment. This means that they will offer you access to some of the latest equipment on the market. Typically with new equipment, they are more efficient. Therefore, with access to the latest equipment, it could boost your productivity and reduce fuel and energy costs.

No Maintenance Checks

As we mentioned, this is a massive benefit when choosing to hire equipment. Before you acquire hired welding equipment, the supplier has to ensure all checks are completed. This will save you a huge amount of time, as if you had purchased the equipment, you are responsible for ensuring the checks are carried out.

No Commitment

If you were to purchase a piece of equipment, you are making a commitment to it (unless you have an unlimited budget, but how many of us have that?). Equipment can be expensive and making a heavy initial investment to purchase could leave you with no space for alternatives. Suppliers that offer welding equipment for hire, are likely to have a range of welding equipment to choose from. It also allows you to hire it when you need it. So not only does hiring welding equipment provide you with flexibility in terms of equipment but also regarding the range of jobs you can take on.

Arc Welding Services

Arc Welding Services are suppliers of high quality, robust welding equipment for sale and hire. We can help you to complete a range of projects to the highest standard within your budget. Machines are available for hire weekly or on a long term basis. For more information, please get in touch on 0121 327 2249 or fill out our online form.

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