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PPE in Welding

The welding profession is one that brings a higher risk of injury compared to others. This is why it is extremely important for workers to ensure that they are using personal protective equipment (PPE). Welders are exposed to extreme heats and powerful equipment daily, so it is vital PPE is taken seriously. PPE exists to… Continue reading PPE in Welding

Common Welding Issues: How to Correct Them

Welding is the process of fusing together two or more parts by the means of heat and pressure. Welding is normally used on metals and thermoplastics. The type of welding that is used can depend on a number of factors, but form and thickness of the material is usually the determining factor. As welding and… Continue reading Common Welding Issues: How to Correct Them

MIG Welding

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) is also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW). This method of welding is simple in comparison to others methods, which explains why it is often the selected method by beginners. This method is an arc welding process that joins two metals with the help of an arc. The arc is… Continue reading MIG Welding

We Sell Ex-Hire and Second-Hand Welding Equipment

Welding equipment, bought from new, can be incredibly expensive. A great alternative to this is either renting or buying ex-hire or second hand equipment. We here at Arc Welding Services Ltd. will explore in this blog things that you ought to consider before you invest in second hand equipment including price, quality and durability. Price… Continue reading We Sell Ex-Hire and Second-Hand Welding Equipment

What Is Orbital Welding?

We love talking about different types of welding in our blog posts, and today is no different. The topic of choice is all about ‘orbital welding’. Let’s start with the basics.   What is orbital welding? This type of welding is specialist and involves the arc mechanically rotating 360° continuously around an object (usually a… Continue reading What Is Orbital Welding?

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